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by James Strong
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PDF Scans of Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionaries. Includes Strong numbers, Greek/Hebrew transliterations, definitions.
Topics: James Strong, Hebrew, Greek, Dictionary, Bible, Old Testament, New Testament
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by Samuel ben Jacob
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The Leningrad Codex is the oldest extant Hebrew Masoretic manuscript of the entire Old Testament. The manuscript claims to have been written by Samuel ben Jacob in Cairo in 1008 and based on manuscripts by Aaron ben Moses ben Asher. It has been used as the basis for many printed editions of the Hebrew Bible.
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Topics: Bible, Masoretic Text, Old Testament, manuscript
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by William Gesenius, German original, trans. by Samuel Tregelles. 1857.
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Gesenius Hebrew Chaldee (Aramaic, Syriac) Lexicon of the Old Testament Scriptures translated and edited from the German original by Tregelles, and revised and enlarged and annotated by Gesenius earlier works. This is the best of the consrvative edition of Gesenius Lexicon. I have found only one corrupt copy on Google Books and a complete copy on Internet Archive by Microsoft. I have combined the two copies and created multi files by each Hebrew letter.mjm,2010.
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Topics: hebrew, old testament, bible, scriptures, lexicon. dictionary, thesaurus, critical, grammatical
An English Documentary entitled "The Absolute Truth About Muhammad in the Bible" with Arabic Subtitles.
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Topic: allah god muhammad in the bible old testament jew christian muslim islam religion spirtuality...